Corey Lewandowski OpEd: Democrats want to ‘tear down that wall’

Democrats have hijacked the famous words of President Ronald Reagan to “tear down that wall” between East and West Berlin, and applied it to the southern border between Mexico and the United States. The logical outcome of the left’s cries that a wall is “racist” and “immoral” is that Democrats will tear down all the walls on the southern border when they take power. That is a scary outcome of the current debate, and left-wing Democrats should never be allowed the levers of power to eradicate border security.

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Corey Lewandowski
Booming economy, kept promises, making America great — again

The president is popular despite the 24/7 attacks by talking heads on cable networks, eager for ratings. According to CNN, “President Trump’s approval rating outpaces former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan at the same point in their presidencies.” That news was glossed over by the mainstream media so they could move right back to name-calling and an obsession with Trump’s Twitter feed.

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Beulah Toth